Company Profile

Established on 17 March 1998, our firm Teknik Grup is serving the Aviation, Defense and Security Society with an expert crew of Aeronautical Engineers, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineers, Electric Electronics Engineers, retired armed forces personnel, instructor pilots and technicians. Among the involved fields are:
  • Engineering and consulting in aerospace&defence sectors,
  • Representing well-known aerospace&defence manufacturers,
  • Sale of equipment, material, system and service as main/sub contractor, in government and private sectors at the international level.
Teknik Grup specializes in providing support to the various governmental AIR FORCES, ARMED FORCES, NAVIES, NATIONAL GUARDS and POLICE DEPARTMENTS in Turkey, Turkish Republics, GCC, Middle East and Far-East. Some of our products as follow:

Military Aviation, Fixed & Rotary Wing, Aircraft Products and Air  Logistics Support

Teknik Grup is a supplier of spare and replacement parts for U.S./European/Russian manufactured Military Aircraft (Fixed & Rotary Wing) operated throughout the world today. Some of the examples of items provided to the aviation branches of military departments throughout the world as follows: Aircraft/Helicopter Gunships, Trainer Aircraft, Missiles, Radar, Aircraft components, Accessories and parts, Airframes and avionics, Engines and engine components, Electrical and electronic equipment, Components, Assemblies and parts, Fuel systems and components, Instruments, Propellers, Pumps, tubes, valves, and fittings, Wheels and brakes.

Military Tracked & Wheeled Vehicle Products and Land Logistics Support

Teknik Grup is a supplier of spare and replacement parts for U.S./European/Russian manufactured Military Tracked & Wheeled Vehicles operated throughout the world today. Some of the examples of items provided to the land and air-defense military departments throughout the world as follows : Parts, components and systems for all types of army and ground forces equipment, including tanks, fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, artillery (self-propelled and towed), trucks, utility vehicles, engineering equipment, countermine equipment, bridging equipment, missile launchers, armaments, radars, electronics, and communications equipment, construction equipment, and materiel handling equipment.

Military Naval Vessel Products and Naval Logistics Support

Teknik Grup is a supplier of spare and replacement parts for commercial and military ships, small crafts, boats and rescue vessels meeting Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) specifications. Also provide spares for electronic and communications systems for these platforms. Some of the examples of items provided to the naval forces throughout the world as follows: Parts and systems for all types of Ships, Submarines, Hovercraft, Patrol Boats, Torpedoes, Mines, Missiles, Armaments, Radar, Sonar, Diving Equipment, Mechanical Handling Equipment, etc.
  • Military/Sport Parachutes and Parachute Components
  • Weapons, Ammunition, Mortar, Grenades, Fuses, Pyrotechnics, CS Products
  • Protective Vests and Ballistic Protection Items
  • Textiles, uniforms, boots, protective gear, flight clothing
  • Battle Pouches, Accoutrements, Regalia, Embroidered Badges, Belts
  • Tents, Vehicle Covers, Dry Storage Systems
  • Web Equipment and Gear, Lifting Equipment
  • EOD & IEDD Equipment
  • Security Equipment, Batons, Handcuffs, Riot Control Equipment, Helmets
  • Radar and Communication Equipment
  • Surveillance & Search Equipment
  • Night Vision
  • Explosive Mills & Explosives
  • Raw materials, Metals, Alloys, Steel, exotic materials
  • Meteorological Products and Weather Stations
Teknik Grup's primary business is to represent and assist manufacturers and professional services organizations in the marketing and sale of their products to government agencies and commercial customers located throughout the Turkey and Middle East. We specialize in Government procurement, especially sales to the Defense Department logistics agencies.

Teknik Grup provides consultancy services to foreign companies which intent to participate in tenders to be announced by Turkish Government, Turkish Air Forces, Turkish Land Forces, Turkish Naval Forces, Turkish Coast Guard Command, General Command of Gendarmerie, Security General Directorate, Turkish Special Forces, and by private or public organizations.  These services are; Conducting Market Research, Carrying our Feasibility Studies, Improvising Business Strategies, Establishing Alliances (Joint Ventures, Consortiums, Co-production, Distributionship, etc.) and Providing know how on Local Procurement Systems and Regulations.

Some of our references are:
  • Turkish Air Forces
  • Turkish Land Forces
  • Turkish Naval Forces
  • Turkish Coast Guard Command
  • Turkish General Command of Gendarmerie
  • Turkish Security General Directorate
  • Turkish Special Forces
  • Bangladesh Ministry of Defence
  • Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF)
  • Spanish Air and Land Forces
  • Taiwan Air and Naval Forces
  • United Arab Emirates Air Force
  • Indonesian Air Force
  • Sri Lanka Armed Forces
  • Kuwait Armed Forces
  • Nepal Armed Forces
  • Egypt Armed Forces
  • Oman Armed Forces
  • Pakistan Armed Forces
Teknik Grup cooperates with foreign companies either on case-by-case exclusive basis in providing the following representation services for them in Turkey:
  • Maintain close customer contact,
  • Promote the Company and its products and services,
  • Obtain technical approval from customers by samples, tests, demos,
  • Have product registration in customers' files,
  • Provide continuous information exchange,
  • Provide requirement and procurement intelligence,
  • Conduct market research and provide information on competition,
  • Follow up offer evaluation and execution of contract (bid/performance bond, shipments, customs procedures, acceptance, payment, etc.)
  • Provide after sale services,
  • Arrange services for visits, meetings and presentations.
Teknik Grup serves to Government and Military Organizations since 1998 as a "Contractor Company". Our role is to act as main contractor or as a partner of a group of companies for implementation of aviation/defense projects.

Our company has qualified Technical Team dealing with all installation works, after commissioning services and maintenance during the warranty and post warranty period of the contracts. Our Technical Team consists of well trained and experienced Aeronautical, Naval Architecture and Ocean, Electronics, Mechanical Engineers, technicians and specialists. Some of our Research&Development Projects are Manufacturing 2.75" Rocket Launcher for AH-1 Series Helicopters, GPS Guided Cargo Delivery System Software Design, Parachute Recovery System Design and Production, etc.

We feel the expertise and the services our company offer are essential in today's global market economy:

  • Customer Oriented: It is the company's objective to provide its clientele with high quality products and services at competitive prices, meeting prompt delivery schedules, coupled with superior customer service.
  • Expertise: Our team of experienced and international professionals offers its clients a multilingual staff with multicultural backgrounds, analytical acumen, and a vast network of critical business contacts in the aerospace and aviation industries.
  • Dedication: Our team of professionals regularly attends worldwide trade shows and conferences in order to proactively stay involved within the industry.
  • Integrity: Teknik Grup conducts its commercial activities in a spirit of partnership and with a fiduciary duty to its clients by providing reliable products and services that meet and surpass clients and market expectations.
  • Performance: The benefits we offer to guaranty each and every clients full satisfaction are by subcontracting proven suppliers and manufacturers with approved quality systems, by providing reliable products and services at competitive prices, and most importantly by offering prompt, efficient and superior customer support.
  • Determination: We feel our success and experience in serving the demanding requirements of our existing domestic, international, commercial and governmental clientele will enable us to further develop trustworthy and fruitful partnerships within the industry.
Benefits to Suppliers
  • Efficiency doing business by reducing transaction costs
  • Ability to reach all global Military organizations and related service providers
  • Allows suppliers to receive orders from one reliable source covering many customers' orders.
  • Facilitating the exchange of content and transactions over the Internet provides suppliers with economies of scope and scale.
Benefits to Customers
  • Teknik Grup can shorten the distance between the product and the customer
  • Horizontal Project consolidation
  • Strategic supply chain management
  • Cost saving
Above all, our success comes from working as a team - with our suppliers, our staff and our customers. Understanding each individual's strengths and weaknesses allows us to create the best team for the task. We work in a service environment where comprehensive and demanding requirements can only be met by working together. Teknik Grup will always look to join other best-in-class organizations to create smarter procurement solutions.

Additionally, we recently established PinAir Tech Corp in New York, 2004, to better reach the source of aviation industry and establish better contacts with American OEMs and suppliers.

The Quality Management Systems of the Teknik Grup have been assessed by Moody International and certified at October 2006 against the following quality assurance standard: ISO 9001:2000.

Teknik Grup's ISO 9001:2000 certificate has been accredited from two different accreditation bodies: UKAS (The United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and TURKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency).

The scope of this certification (UKAS Certificate No: 28340 / TURKAK Certificate No: TK 060717) is as follows:    

  • Importing and exporting aviation, defense and electronic products,
  • Participating to national and international government and military tenders,
  • Software and hardware product development and engineering services.

ISO 9000 is the most commonly used international standard that provides a framework for an effective quality management system.  ISO 9001:2000, the international quality standard accepted by the majority of the world, speaks to all quality-related activities in an organization and helps ensure customers' needs are met. Companies seek ISO 9001:2000 certification by accredited and independent third parties to focus on quality in order to gain a competitive edge and to access global markets.

Our Quality Management System is updated according to ISO 9001:2008 standards at October 2009.

We added "meteorological systems sales and after sales services" in to our Quality Management System scope.


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