Army & Ground Forces Equipment

Teknik Grup supplies parts, components and systems for all types of army and ground forces equipment, including tanks, fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, artillery (self-propelled and towed), trucks, utility vehicles, engineering equipment, countermine equipment, bridging equipment, missile launchers, armaments, radars, electronics, and communications equipment, construction equipment, and materiel handling equipment.

Some examples of items provided to the land and air-defense military departments throughout the world.

  • Military Vehicle Hardware
  • Yokes, Universal Joints, Sprocket, Wheel, Hose Assemblies, Gears, Gearshafts, Ball Bearings, Bolts, Eye, Bracket, Mounting, Roller, Assemblies, Chain, Links, Bumpers, Consumables (Seals/O-rings,etc.), Lens, Housing, Light, Indicator.
  • Wiring Harnesses, Cable Assemblies, Connectors, Heavy Equipment/Munitions Handling, Actuators/Cylinders, Panels/Windshields
  • Military Communications & Electronics
  • Circuit Card Assemblies, Helmets/Communications Systems
  • Missile Systems & Components
  • Circuit Card Assemblies, Test Equipment
  • Fire Control System Spare Parts
  • Optical Equipment, Telescopes, Periscopes, Panel, Test Electrical, Instruments & Gauges
  • Power Supplies & Spares
  • Hydraulic Motors, Generators, Hydraulic Systems & Spares, Power Supplies, Engines/Transmissions, Seals, Metallic/Non-metallic
  • Machine Parts
  • Tube Assemblies, Spacer Plates
  • Mobile Field Command Posts & Shelters

Artillery : Teknik Grup supplies parts and systems for all US, Europe and Russian-designed and manufactured artillery (self-propelled and towed), from 75mm to 203mm. Principal platforms include; M-44, M-52T, M-107, M-108, M-109, M-110.


Tanks : Teknik Grup supplies parts and systems for all US, Europe and Russian designed and manufactured tanks including all upgrades and variants, such as tank recovery vehicles, armored vehicle launched bridges and combat engineer vehicles. Principal platforms include:

  • US Designed         : M48, M60, M1, M47, M41, M24, M4

  • Europe Designed  : Leopard I/II, Challanger, Leclerc, Ariete, AMX-30

  • Russian Designed : T-54/55, T-72, T-80, T-84, T-90


Armored Personnel Carriers/Fighting Vehicles :  Teknik Grup supplies parts and systems for all US, Europe and Russian designed and manufactured armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, including;

  • US Designed : All upgrades and variants of the M113 Armored Personnel Carrier (M58, M548, M577, M901, M981, M1059, M1064 and M1068), M2/M3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, V-150 COMMANDO, LAV-25 Light Armored Vehicle

  • Russian Designed : BRDM-2, BTR-60PB, BTR-70, BTR-80, BTR-50, MT-LB, BMP-1, BMP-2, BMP-3, BMD-1&BMD-2, BMD-3

Air Defense and Weapon Systems : Teknik Grup supplies parts and systems for many US, Europe and Russian designed and manufactured air defence and weapon systems, including upgrades and variants. Principal platforms include; FIM-92 Stinger, Oerlikon, TOW, MILAN, ZU 23-2 23-mm Towed AA Gun, ZSU 57-2 57-mm, SP AA Gun System, ZSU 23-4 SHilka 23-mm SP AA Gun System, 2S6 Tunguska Integrated Air Defense System.


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