Military Naval Vessel Products & Naval Logistics Support

Teknik Grup supply parts and systems for all types of Ships, Submarines, Hovercraft, Patrol Boats, Torpedoes, Mines, Missiles, Armaments, Radar, Sonar, Diving Equipment, Mechanical Handling Equipment, Electronic and Communications Systems, Engine room Components, Engines, Propellers, Fire Control Systems, etc. Principal platforms include:


Frigates :


  • MEKO 200 - TRACK II B Class Frigates

  • MEKO 200 - TRACK II A Class Frigates

  • MEKO-200 - TRACK I Class Frigates

  • Perry Class Frigates

  • Knox Class Frigates


Destroyers :


  • Berk Class Destroyer Escort


Submarines :


  • Preveze Class Submarines

  • Type 209 Class Submarines

  • Tang Class Submarines

  • Gupy IIA Class Submarines

  • Agosta 90B Class Submarines


Fast Attack Craft :


  • Kılıç Class Fast Attack Craft

  • Yıldız Class Fast Attack Craft

  • Doğan Class Fast Attack Craft

  • Jaguar Class Fast Attack


Mine Craft :


  • Nusret Class Miner Layer

  • Circle Class Mine Hunters

  • Adjutant Class Mine Sweeper

  • Vegasack Class Mine Sweeper

  • Cove Class Mine Sweeper


Landing Ships,Tank (LST) :


  • LST 512-1152 (Bayraktar) CLASS Landing Ship,Tank

  • Ertuğrul Class Landing Ship, Tank (LST)

  • Sarucabey Class Landing Ship, Tank (LST)

  • Osmangazi Class Landing Ship, Tank (LST)


Landing Craft :

  • Ç-117 Class Landing Craft, Tank

  • Ç-302 Class Landing Craft Mechanized

Patrol Boats :


  • Hisar Class Patrol Boat

  • Aviso Class Patrol Boat

  • Asheville Class Patrol Boat

  • "Girne" Class Patrol Boat

  • Bay (T) Class Patrol Boat

  • PGM 71 Class Patrol Boat

  • "Turk" Class Patrol Craft


Training Ships :

  • Rhein Class Training Ship

Fleet Support Ships and Tankers :


  • Akar Class Fleet Support Ship (AOR)

  • Albay Hakkı Burak Class Tanker

  • Bnb.Sadettin Gürcan Class Tanker

  • İnebolu Class Tanker

  • Taşkızak Class Tanker

  • Karadeniz Ereğli Class Dry Cargo Ship

  • Şarköy Class Disposed Liquid (CHT) Ship

  • Söğüt Class Water Tanker

  • Van Class Water Tanker

  • Eceabat Class Water Tanker


Rescue Ships and Offshore Tugs :


  • Bluebird Class Submarine Rescue Ships

  • Chaticleer Class Submarine Rescue Ships

  • Vegesack Class Salvage Assistance Ships (AG)

  • Darıca Class Offshore Tugs

  • Cherokee Class Offshore Tugs

  • Akbaş Class Offshore Tugs (SNS Yawa Class-Russia)

  • Değirmendere Class Offshore Tug Boats

  • Aksaz Class Tugs

  • Diver Class Salvage Ships


Hydrographic&Oceanographic Research and Scientific Research Ships :


  • Silas Bent Class Hydrographic And Oceanographic Research Ships

  • Çubuklu Class Hydrographic And Oceanographic Research Ships

  • Deney Class Scientific Research Ships
























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