Military Parachutes and Accessories

In the past military parachutes which have been used for airdrop operations could not be considered a weapon system. Focused on the parachute itself some special mission related equipment has just been added without taking account of any system interfaces or logistic requirements. These systems do no longer meet today’s special operations requirements concerning mission capability and availability due to insufficient system supportability.

As modern warfare techniques rely more and more on technological sophistication and military electronics, it is vital that parachute and canopy design match this progress every step of the way. In combat, where timing is critical, a product that performs, time after time, is indispensable to a successful.


Teknik Grup supplies leading edge military parachute systems (HAHO/HALO, Troop, Cargo) to armies worldwide.

What is HAHO/HALO?

1) HAHO jumping

High Altitude/High Opening (HAHO) can only be carried out by highly-trained parachutists who can navigate in the air.
Troops leap from an aircraft above 30,000ft and possibly across an international border so that they reduce the chances of the aircraft being identified. At this height (Mount Everest stands 29,000ft high) soldiers require oxygen and specialist clothing.
Within seconds of jumping, the team open parachutes and then perform a series of navigational turns to remain on target.
Each team member must check speed and direction and anticipate what moves to stay within range of each other and the target landing site.


2) HALO jumping

High Altitude/Low Opening (HALO) jumping may not be as complicated as HAHO navigation, but it is no less dangerous.
The team jump from at least 36,000ft and as close to the target area as they can.
AS with HAHO jumping, the team members need oxygen to remain conscious and specialist clothing to prevent freezing. They freefall for as long as possible and straight through the radar detection zone. They delay opening the parachute for as long as possible. Because of the risk of hypoxia ( which causes loss of conciousness ) HALO parachutes automatically open at a pre-determined altitude.
The team can also carry additional equipment on a separate cord that hits the ground before they do.

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